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Top MBA in USA for international students

An MBA in USA offers excellent career opportunities for not just U.S. citizens but also international students.

This draws hordes of scholars from India and other countries to the land of opportunities. Read this to understand more about eligibility requirements and entrance exams for MBA in USA.

Plenty of jobs in USA after MBA

Whether it’s consulting, investment banking, technology or manufacturing, employers are flocking to schools to rent the highest talent. Here’s the typical salary in USA for MBA jobs.

Most 2 year MBA programs in USA offer an internship which may be a great way to urge some international exposure within the industry you’re curious about breaking into, and also earning some good money for your efforts.

MBA universities in USA offer more scholarships

The culture of giving back has made American universities are among the richest within the world. The endowments at Harvard and Stanford run into billions of dollars, with successful and generous alumni donating huge sums to their school . This translates into more aid and scholarships for deserving international students.

This can bring down the general costs of upper education abroad.

Cultural diversity in the U.S.

Just like the larger American society, MBA colleges in U.S. are very appealing to some people. With all the academic and social interactions that happen on campus, you’ll feel right at home in the first few days itself.

Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Dussehra (and Cricket, if that qualifies as religion for you) are celebrated in many U.S. university campuses.

Student friendly visa regime

If you’ve got an admit from a repute U.S university and have fulfilled the documentary requirements for the F1 student visa, the approval process is comparatively straightforward.

There’s also a choice to extend your stay within the U.S. after completing the MBA course albeit you haven’t found a full-time job yet.

Employers more willing to file work permits

Unlike many other countries (in Europe for instance) where the cultural fitment might make many employers less willing to sponsor a work permit for international MBA students, American employers who’ve been recruiting from U.S. colleges for decades have a more streamlined procedure to file H1B work visas for international students.

If you can prove your worth to them in the MBA job interviews, they’ll initiate the rest. Some risks remain though, like the cap on H1B visas.

Top MBA in USA for foreign students

Instead of the normal MBA rankings, we’d be watching a custom ranking. We’ll ask one parameter and take it as an indicator of the school’s popularity outside the USA. Which is why we’re using the word ‘Top’ rather than ‘Best’.

As a point of reference, the typical number of international students in MBA programs within the U.S. is around 30%. this might be higher or lower counting on the graduate school.

In the following table, we identify the U.S. schools where this proportion is above the typical for American bschools. we’ve arranged the faculties with the most important number of international students at the highest to rock bottom at rock bottom, all within a variety of about 34-95%. This brings up some surprising results.

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